Background to the case

In September 2013 a group of us (almost all women) were arrested for
seeking to disrupt the setting up of DSEi (‘Defence Security Equipment
International’) the world’s largest arms fair, held every two years in
London. We blocked entrances to the venue by locking on together with arm
tubes, by blockading a lorry and by holding space on the road with our
bodies. We were charged with various obstruction offences.

The DSEi arms fair has consistently been found to have broken UK law by
exhibiting illegal weapons at every event since 2005, yet exhibitors and
organisers have never been subject to prosecution. Following our arrests
Caroline Lucas MP identified that two companies – Tianjin MyWay
International and Magforce International – had illegally exhibited torture
weapons at DSEi. These included weighted fetters, electronic stun guns and
stun batons.

Our trial groups demanded disclosure of information as to if and why the
state did not investigate illegal torture weapons at DSEi. In the face of
these continual requests, the cases against us were dropped a week before
trial. We have now commenced proceedings to privately prosecute the arms
dealers Tianjin Myway and Magforce International. We are clear that we do
not want a “better run” arms fair – rather, we see this litigation as part
of a wider strategy to discredit, and then shut down DSEI for good.

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