Activists versus Lorries at DSEI arms fair

In September last year we took part in a mass action against the world’s biggest arms fair (DSEI) which happens at the Excel Centre in London every 2 years. This event is co-organised by the Government and Clarion Events. DSEI 2013 featured 1,500 exhibitors (including Israeli companies), promoting arms such as torture equipment, tanks, fighter jets and battleships. Attendees included representatives from many countries involved in human rights abusing regimes. This video – made public for the first time – shows one of our actions to disrupt the setting up of the arms fair. A group of female activists blockaded an access road into Excel, by halting and holding the space under an HGV trailer that was attempting to exit the site.

The DSEI arms fair is scheduled to return in September 2015. We will once again be there, along with many other groups, to tell them that they and their killing machines are not welcome.

For more information and to find out how to take part in the mobilisation against next year’s DSEI arms fair we recommend visiting the Stop The Arms Fair website.

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